In April and May 2020, Chenglong, a commercial vehicle brand of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd  achieved sales exceeding 10,000/month for two consecutive months. With proud achievements, Dongfeng Liuzhou  Motor Co., Ltd released the new Chenglong brand strategy and the new product H7 3.0 on their fourth brand day.


Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd, which was founded in 1954, is now a state-owned subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Liuzhou Industrial Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.. It is Dongfeng’s commercial vehicle production base, passenger car production base, independent brand R&D base and Southeast Asia export base in South China.

It has developed the commercial vehicle brand ‘Chenglong’ and the passenger car brand ‘Dongfeng Fengxing’ with nearly 5,000 employees currently. 


Tang Jing, general manager of Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd, said in his brand day speech: “After the new brand strategy launching, 'Chenglong' is not just a ‘vehicle', it will be changing from Chenglong Automobile to Chenglong, with upgrade from vehicle manufacturing to integrating the technical ecology of the automotive industry, and upgrade from providing products to providing comprehensive logistics operation solutions; from vehicle-focused to people-focused and customer-focused.”

After the brand renewing, Chenglong will fully upgrade its product technology, service experience, and channel contacts. From 2020 to 2021, each platform will be upgraded to 3.0 products. Chenglong will launch their new generation product in 2022.

Based on improving operational efficiency and reducing costs, Chenglong H7 3.0 has implemented the TCO concept from the beginning of R&D and manufacturing, helping customers maximize the full life cycle operating income.

With the application of new materials and structural optimization, H7 3.0 can achieve light weight improvement, and enlarge cargo capacity, thus helping customers optimize the TCO. In addition, through power system optimization, new engine platform, and intelligent driving assistance technology, vehicle operation is more fuel-efficient, enabling users to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Chenglong H7 3.0 is equipped with intelligent safety technologies such as engine braking, intelligent AMT gearbox, hydraulic retarder. In addition, Chenglong H7 3.0 is equipped with intelligent assisted driving technologies such as holographic image fatigue reminder, TPMS, LDWS, FCW.


Chenglong H7 3.0 builds a user-vehicle-manufacture interconnected smart ecosystem through Chenglong V+ Internet 3.0. On the basis of 2.0, Chenglong V+ Internet 3.0 adds AI superior driving report, predictive maintenance, predictive driving, uptime service, spare parts service and many other intelligent functions. 

Chenglong H7 3.0 intelligently reached the L2 level of public road series production models. When ralated to the platooning, port logistics park, and closed area, Chenglong’s demonstration models could even reach the L4 level autonomous driving and achieve commercialization.

Chenglong H7 3.0 can be used in different applications such as express, fresh agricultural products transportation, hazardous chemicals transportation according to the conditions of different segments.

The truck we see at the big ceremony is a 6×4 H7 3.0 tractor with 600 hp Cummins Z14 engine, ZF TraXon AMT gearbox. It is reported that the online order for H7 3.0 reached 3675 on the launching day. By the end of June, all the customers can buy this brand new product in the 4S dealership. The price of the demonstration truck with Cummins Z14 is about RMB450,000.